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Mechanical terms E speaks to engineering definitions E and engineering phrases starting E which  offers engineering terminology commonly used.

Economizer A heat transfer device located within the breaching of a boiler stack.

Elevator This is a hoisting or lowering mechanism with a platform which transports equipment in a vertical direction.

End devices Devices which are used to transmit signals in pneumatic, electric and electronic control systems which include sensors, transducers, transmitters, receivers, relays, actuators, valves and air flow devices.

Escalator (Moving walkways) This is a moving staircase or walkway designed to transport people and equipment horizontally and vertically from one area to another.

Exhaust air valve A device used for controlling the flow of exhaust air from a building.

Expansion Joint (Piping) A device installed in a steam or water pipe which is used to compensate for expansion or contraction caused by temperature or pressure fluctuations.

Mechanical Engineering Terms

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