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Mechanical Terms D speaks to engineering definitions D and engineering phrases D.

Dampers A mechanical device which may be of a fin type for controlling the flow of gases including air. They are positioned by actuators which may be electric or pneumatic driven.

De-aerator Equipment that removes the entrained gases from the circulating medium of heating or cooling systems.

Dehumidifier Equipment designed to remove moisture from air and is accomplished by cooling air below it’s dew point.

De-superheater Equipment which removes excess heat or energy from superheated steam.

Dock Load Leveller An elevator dock board designed to reach the floor of various vehicles and may be manual, hydraulic or electrically operated.

Drains May be floor, roof, trench or sump types which provide a means by which excessive water is channelled out of a building.

Dumbwaiters It is an elevating device which moves material from one elevation to another. May be manual, hydraulic or electric operated.

Dust Collectors Equipment that is used to remove dust and particulates from the air and is usually in wood working and metal working shops.

Mechanical Engineering Terms

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