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Mechanical Terms C speaks to engineering definitions starting C and engineering phrases starting C.

Carbon monoxide monitor/controller A device which monitors and/or controls the carbon monoxide levels in parking garages. It is tied into the garage exhaust ventilation system.

Chiller, Absorption A low pressure refrigeration machine that uses chemicals and a source of heat to generate chilled water.

Chiller, Centrifugal A self contained, low pressure power driven refrigeration unit, consisting of a refrigerant evaporator, compressor and water cooled condenser, used to provide chilled water to air conditioning air systems.

Chiller, Reciprocating A high pressure piston type compressor usually operated by an electric motor combining a compressor and chilled water evaporator as one unit. The air or water cooled condenser may be remote or be part of the assembly.

Cooling coil A device that is designed to remove heat from a surrounding medium usually air or water and are generally fabricated with piping attached.

Cold room A refrigerated space, a cooler or freezer that is part of a permanent structure for example a wine cellar, meat freezer and does not include walk in coolers and freezers.

Condenser, evaporative This is a device which uses open spray or spill water and air to cool the refrigerant. It usually consists of a condenser, sump, make up water pump, spray bars, wooden slots etc. May or may not include a fan assembly.

Compressed air dryer A device which utilizes a refrigeration system to remove moisture from the ambient air prior to distributing same through a pneumatic network.

Compressor refrigeration Equipment designed to add the heat of compression to a refrigerant and circulate it throughout the refrigeration system which consists of a condenser metering device, evaporator and associated piping. This includes reciprocating open, hermetic or semi-hermetic and rotary compressors.

Condenser, air cooled This is part of a refrigeration system, a heat exchanger, that uses surrounding air as a medium to convert the high pressure, high temperature vapour received from the compressor to a high pressure high temperature liquid through the heat of rejection.

Condenser, water cooled Part of refrigeration system, heat exchanger, that uses water as a medium to reject heat from the refrigerant.

Controls, combustion A system of controls on combustion equipment for the safe and efficient operation of the combustion equipment.

Controls, electric and electronic Electric and electronic control devices.

Controls, system Devices used with a computer or multiplex monitor for alarm, security, fire, energy, environmental or control system.

Controls, pneumatic A control system which uses compressed air as the operational medium.

Controls, feed water Devices that monitor and control the flow of feed water to a boiler.

Controls, gas analyzer A device for sampling and analyzing exhaust gases which may be used to give alarms, record, indicate or control.

Convector, hot water A heat transfer unit using the principle of either natural or forced convection. Natural convection is used for heating and forced convection may be used in both heating and cooling applications.

Convertor Heat transfer equipment that functions with two different mediums for example steam and water or brine and chilled water.

Conveyor Equipment for moving material from one point to another and it may be manual or power operated.

Cooling Tower Equipment which cools by water evaporation in air.

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