Laundry Room AC, What is a laundry room HVAC

Laundry room AC speaks to Laundry room HVAC which provides heating, cooling and ventilating for laundry rooms.

  • This system must conform to specific code requirements as pertaining to gas fired equipment. There must be adequate makeup air introduced to the equipment room before gas fired equipment can start. Usually there is a wall mounted on off switch. When turned on a ceiling mounted light will energize indicating that the system is in operation and a set of outside air dampers will be driven open by an electric actuator.
  • When the outside air damper is open it will close a proving switch which will allow the gas fired equipment to function.

    The outside air damper will be located in a separate room from which air will be drawn by the combustion sections of the gas fired equipment.

    The gas fired equipment will be clothes driers and perhaps a gas fired pressing machine.

    A heating, ventilating and air conditioning system will serve the laundry work area. It is usually a heat, cool fan coil or a heat pump. A wall mounted thermostat will control the temperature of the room.

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