Furnace Maintenance Suggestions, How to maintain a furance

Furnace maintenance suggestions speaks to how to maintain a furnace and furnace maintenance procedures and the scheduling of such.


  • Check air filter and housing integrity. Correct as needed.
  • Check for particulate accumulation on filters. Clean or replace if accumulation results in pressure drop or airflow outside of established operating limits.
  • Visually inspect fuel filter. Clean, repair or replace as needed to ensure proper operation.
  • Explain Furnaces Maintenance


  • Check fuel pump for proper operation. Repair or replace as needed.

  • Check control system and devices for evidence of improper operation. Repair, adjust or replace components to ensure proper operation.

  • Check fan belt tension. Check for belt wear and proper alignment. Replace if necessary.


  • Check control box for dirt, debris and or loose terminations. Clean and tighten as needed.

  • Check fan blades. Clean, repair or replace to ensure proper operation.

  • Check drive alignment, wear, seating and operation. Repair and replace as needed.

  • Check integrity of all panels on equipment. Replace fasteners as needed to ensure proper integrity and fit and finish of equipment.

  • Lubricate field serviceable bearings.

  • Check for proper damper operation. Repair, replace or adjust as needed.

  • Check combustion chamber, burner and flue for deterioration, moisture problems, condensation and combustion products. Clean, test and adjust combustion process for proper operation.

  • Check heat exchanger. Clean as necessary to remove scale and sediment. Check for leaks.

    Building Maintenance Checklist

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