Exhaust Fan Maintenance Suggestions, How to maintain an exhaust fan

Exhaust fan maintenance suggestions speaks to how to maintain an exhaust fan and a schedule of tasks for such.


  • Check cleanliness of the fan. Clean as required.
  • Check switch operation. Repair as required.
  • Check fan belt tension. Check for belt wear and alignment. Replace if necessary to ensure proper operation.
  • Check drive alignment, wear, bearing and coupling seating and operation. Repair and replace as needed.
  • Check fan blades. Clean, repair or replace as needed to ensure proper operation.
  • If field serviceable lubricate bearings.
  • Measure motor amperage using a C clamp amprobe. Increased current flow may indicate that bearings are seizing.
  • If the exhaust fan is automatically controlled check thermostat operation.
  • If the exhaust fan is interlocked with the operation of other fan systems check sequence of control. Building Maintenance Checklist
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