Control Maintenance Suggestions, How to maintain controls, Control maintenance procedures

These control maintenance suggestions speak to how to maintain controls and control maintenance procedures for building automation systems, pneumatic, electric and electronic. All systems require periodic maintenance. With automation maintenance procedures very little is of a cleaning and lubricating nature other than valves, actuators and any other component that has moving parts.

The maintenance of automatic controls has much to do with checking the calibration of control devices and building automation systems. This will require specialized equipment and must be done by technicians trained specifically in the operation, calibration and maintenance of systems.

Control Maintenance

Monthly maintenance

Check compressed air system (compressor, dryer, receiver, blow down valve, pressure reducing valve and oil filter) for proper operation. Repair or replace as needed to ensure proper operation. It is suggested that time of operation be checked as excessive run time will shorten the life cycle of the equipment and result in premature breakdown. It is important to check for leaks using a soap and water solution and to check for bubbles.

Check for proper air pressure. Repair or replace pneumatic system components as needed. Check the length of stroke of actuators. If the stroke has reduced check to see if the pneumatic diaphragm is still in good working order and does not leak. Again, it is important to check for leaks using a soap and water solution and to check for bubbles.

Semi-annually maintenance

Check control system and devices for evidence of improper operation. Repair, adjust or replace components to ensure proper operation. At this time it is suggested that component actuator devices be checked for zero start and length of stroke.

Inspect, clean and calibrate pneumatic thermostats, controls and controlled devices. It will probably entail using specialized calibration kits for this work.

Annual maintenance

Check pneumatic and electric actuator operation. Clean and lubricate as required.

Check for proper damper operation. Repair or replace as needed. The damper linkage should be cleaned and relubricated at this time.

Check temperature transmitters for accuracy. A digital temperature indicator and specialized calibration tools may be require. Often when dealing with building automation systems the transmitter calibration is done at the automation system by adjusting signal coefficiency.

Check pneumatic lines for blockage. Clean as required. If there is any indication of oil the compressor should be checked and oil filters changed.

Check to see that that back up system software is current.

Check building automation system backup and verify operation.

Building Maintenance Checklist

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