Building Water System Maintenance, How to maintain building water system

Building water system maintenance speaks to how maintain a building water system and suggests maintenance procedures to maintain these systems.

  • Perform chemical testing of system water. Treat as needed to ensure water chemistry.
  • Check chemical injector device. Clean as needed.
  • Visually inspect pumps and associated electrical components. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Check for evidence of buildup or fouling on heat exchange surfaces. Clean as required.
  • Check for proper fluid flow. Clean, adjust and repair as required.
  • Check strainers. Clean as needed.
  • Visually inspect external piping insulation and vapor barrier for integrity. Correct as needed.

  • Check freeze stats, relief valves, flow and float switches, low water cutoffs and other devices for proper operation and repair or replace as required.

    Building Maintenance Checklist

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