Air Systems Maintenance Suggestions, How to maintain air systems

Air system maintenance suggestions speaks to how to maintain air systems and air system maintenance procedure  can for the most part, be done by the building staff. Some maintenance procedure will have to be undertaken by skilled tradesmen but it is left to the discretion of the building superintendent as to when they should be called in.

The frequency of tasks is as noted.

Air Systems:


  • Check for particulate accumulation on filters. Clean or replace if accumulation results in pressure drop or airflow outside of established operating limits.
  • Check air filter housing integrity. Correct as needed. Quarterly maintenance
  • Check UV lamp. Clean or replace as needed to assure proper operation. Semi annually HVAC maintenance procedure
  • Check P trap. Prime as needed to ensure proper operation.
  • Check fan belt tension. Check for belt wear and proper alignment. Replace if necessary to ensure proper operation.
  • Check variable frequency drive for proper operation. Correct as needed.
  • Check for proper operation of cooling or heating coil. Clean or replace as required.
  • HVAC Maintenance

    Annual HVAC maintenance

  • Check control box for dirt, debris and loose terminations. Tighten as needed.

  • Check motor contactor for pitting or other signs of damage. Repair or replace as needed.

  • Check fan blades. Clean, repair or replace as needed to ensure proper operation.

  • Check refrigerant system pressure and temperatures. If outside of recommended levels, find cause, repair and adjust refrigerant to achieve normal operating levels.

  • Check for fouling, corrosion or degradation. Clean or repair as needed.

  • Check drive alignment, wear seating and operation. Repair or replace as needed.

  • Check integrity of all panels on equipment. Replace fasteners as needed to ensure proper integrity and fit and finish of equipment.

  • Lubricate field serviceable bearings.

  • Check drain pan, drain line and coil for biological growth. Clean as needed.

  • Check coil fins for evidence of build up or fouling. Restore if possible. Replace coil if necessary to return to proper functioning.

  • Inspect for evidence of moisture carryover beyond the drain pan from cooling coils. Make corrections or repairs as necessary.

  • Check for proper damper operation. Repair, replace or adjust as necessary.

  • Visually inspect areas of moisture accumulation for biological growth. If present, clean or disinfect as necessary.

  • Check condensate pump. Clean or replace as needed.

  • Visually inspect exposed duct work and external piping for insulation and vapor barrier for integrity. Correct as needed.

  • Visually inspect internally lined duct work until the first turn or up to 20 ft into the supply plenum from air system for integrity, and if soiled or degraded, correct.

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