Terminal Reheat Air System

The terminal reheat air system, supplies a constant volume of air, at a constant temperature,through a single run of duct.

This air handling fan, supplies air through a run of duct and provides air to in duct heating coils, serving individual areas or zones in the building.

The air temperature is selected low enough to cool the highest heat gain area, usually at 55 to 60 deg F. The thermostat controlled reheat coils heat the air delivered to areas which do not require the full cooling capacity of the air.

Room thermostats modulate the reheat coil control valves to control the volume of heating water passing through the reheat coil to regulate the temperature of the air entering the area.

The terminal reheat air system may be comprised of:

  • Return air duct fan.
  • Mixed air dampers.
  • Minimum fresh air damper.
  • Filter section.
  • Preheat coil.
  • Preheat coil circulating pump.
  • Heating coil.
  • Heating coil circulating pump.
  • Gas fired burner section.
  • Cooling coil.
  • Cooling coil circulating pump.
  • Direct expansion cooling coil (Evaporator).
  • Packaged refrigeration unit (Compressor and Condenser).
  • Humidifying section.
  • Supply air fan.
  • Zone terminal reheat coils.
  • Wall mounted thermostats.

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