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The Facility Technician is a technical position responsible for all aspects of building maintenance and support to critical buildings operation needs.

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Responsibilities Senior Facility Technician

Monitor and supervise all building control systems to ensure an optimum environment for critical equipment in the building, health and safety, productivity of the occupants with a policy of zero tolerance for failure (Take Action to avoid loss of service or productivity).These systems include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, emergency power, safety and security of occupants.

Responding to and coordinating activities related to the recovery of any building system failure.

Report and manage any abnormal and threatening conditions.

Assisting the Property Manager, Project Managers and outside Consultants in the evaluation of building operations for the purposes of performance audits, operating budgets, capital programs including DeRisk Program, energy conservation measures, key facility assessments, property inspections and process improvements.

Ensure zero network failures through a safe maintenance and operating program.

Maintain optimum working environment for building occupants.

Assist the technician on site, provide technical support for any control issues. It includes troubleshooting, modifications and add-ons to DDC control programs.

Maintain equipment documentation: as-built drawings, specifications, shop drawings, operating manuals, samples and warranties.

Initiate the process of reporting and escalation of abnormal conditions and threatening, make sure to participate in the management of the situation until it is in test mode.

Respond to tenant service requests (work orders) in a timely manner.

Ensure customer satisfaction by obtaining direct feedback. Communicate regularly with the Nexacor Client Centre to provide status reports on work orders. Close work orders upon completion of task.

Assist client with procedures and programs: Emergency Operations Procedures (EOP), Health and Safety, Risk Management Inspections, crisis simulations, and other issues related to building.

Qualifications Senior Facility Technician

Building System Engineering Technology (BSET) college diploma or College diploma in Controls.

Ability to operate by himself on a night shift, with both English and French customers.

Strong troubleshooting skills. Detail and process oriented.

Strong time management and communication skills (verbal and written).

Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.

Knowledge in Parts and equipment cost estimating.

Ability to operate Digital Control Systems.

Ability to adapt to different technical and technological change.

Strong interpersonal skills to work equally well with tenants, unionized employees, union representatives, trades and executives.

Proactive and action oriented with proven ability to work with a minimum of supervision and direction.

Facility Management

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