Perimeter Induction Air System

The perimeter induction air system supplies a constant quantity of primary supply air at a constant temperature to perimeter units.

An air system controller sensing supply air temperature modulates the mixed air dampers, preheat coil, heating and cooling coil control valves to regulate the temperature of the primary supply air.

The return air duct fan draws air back from the floor space and provides for air recirculation.

Perimeter system units can be used for cooling only or cooling and heating purposes. During summer months chilled water is used in the individual perimeter induction unit coils, and during winter months it is switched over to heating water.

Each unit has an adjustable air volume control damper. The primary air nozzles induce room air in through the front grille and through the coil, then discharges at the top. This room air mixes with the primary air and maintains perimeter space temperature.

The induction unit heating and cooling function can be controlled by self contained controls or wall mounted thermostats.

The induction unit will be complete with a master switch for system changeover from summer to winter operation and back.

The induction unit is a 100% outside air system.

The conditioned air supply system is comprised of:

  • Prefilter section.
  • Filter section.
  • Preheat coil.
  • Preheat coil circulating pump.
  • Heating coil.
  • Heating coil circulating pump.
  • Cooling coil.
  • Cooling coil circulating pump.
  • Supply air fan.
  • Air system automatic controls.

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