Perchloric Acid Fumehood, What is a perchloric acid fumehood

The perchloric acid fumehood speaks to what is a perchloric acid fumehood and the fact it is designed for a single special purpose and should not be used for any other purpose due to the highly dangerous characteristics of perchloric acid and it's by-products.

This fumehood is characterized by their particular construction materials and "wash down capability" of hood and ductwork.

There are particular guidelines provided for this type of fumehood and may be found at ASHRAE "MD15129 - Guidelines for Perchloric fumehoods and exhaust systems".

The fumehood will be served by a separate exhaust fan which will be located on the roof or in an upper mechanical room.

The duct and fumehood will be constructed of stainless steel.

Recommended sash face velocity is a little higher than regular fumehoods. A normal fumehood should average 100 fpm sash face velocity, while perchloric fumehoods should average 120 fpm sash face velocity.


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