Outside Air Makeup Air System

Explain Makeup Air

  • The outside air makeup air system supplies a constant volume of air at a constant or varied temperature in a single run of duct to make up for a predetermined quantity of exhaust air. These conditioned air supply systems are usually 100% outside air. The intent of these air handling fans is to ensure the building does not operate under a negative pressure. If operating under a negative air pressure outside air will migrate into the building. This outside air will not be filtered, heated or cooled. A discharge controller or a wall mounted thermostat which senses supply zone air temperature, controls the heating and cooling section to regulate the temperature of the air entering the space.
  • Air System Components

    The air system is comprised of:

  • Fresh air dampers.
  • Gas fired burner section.
  • Glycol heating coil.
  • Chilled water cooling coil.
  • Direct expansion cooling coil.
  • Air filters.
  • Supply fan.
  • Air system automatic controls.

    Building air Systems

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