Multizone Air System

The multizone air system fan supplies air at a constant volume and varied temperature, to a number of single duct runs which originate at the air system. Each run of duct supplies air to diffusers in a specific zone, as delivered by the air handling fan.

Zone thermostats sensing the space temperature, operate a set of mixing dampers located at the main unit which regulate the mixed air temperature which is supplied to each zone by the air supply systems.

The return fan which draws air back from all the zones provides the return link in the air circulation for the zones.

The air system is comprised of:

  • Return air duct fan.
  • Return air fan mixed air dampers.
  • Minimum fresh air dampers.
  • Prefilter section.
  • Preheat coil.
  • Preheat coil circulating pump.
  • Supply air fan.
  • Hot deck heating coil.
  • Heating coil circulating pump.
  • Gas fired burner section.
  • Cold deck cooling coil.
  • Cooling coil circulating pump.
  • Direct expansion cooling unit (Evaporator).
  • Packaged refrigeration unit (Compressor and Condenser).
  • Humidifying section.
  • Supply air fan.
  • Hot deck air filter.
  • Cold deck air filter.
  • Zone mixing dampers.
  • Air system automatic controls.

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