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Mechanical Terms P speaks to engineering definitions starting P and engineering phrases starting P commonly used in the industry.

Piping systems

Piping, tubing which is designed to convey water, steam, glycol, gas, etc to major components.

Plumbing fixtures

Devices normally associated with plumbing systems such as taps, drains, laundry tubs, sinks, toilets and water closets to name a few.

Power door operator

This equipment may include that which is hydraulic, electric or pneumatic operated.

PCB storage site

A storage area designed for the temporary containment of PCBs.

Preheater oil

A facility for heating No 5 and 6 oil to reduce viscosity to aid in pumping and burning.

Pressure reducing valves

Equipment which lowers the internal pressure of a system to a preset point.

Pump, general

The equipment includes pump and motor and associated pipes and valves.

Pump, steam

Pumps that are steam driven.


Pumps which return condensed steam to the boiler as water.

Heat pump

A reverse cycle refrigeration system system for both heating and cooling purposes.

Sump pump

This pump maintains water level in a sump by pumping away excess water through drains.

Catch basins

This is a reservoir used for collecting surface drainage or run off water.


An entrance with a cover through which a person may enter a sewer, boiler, drain or similar structure.

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