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Maintenance carpenter speaks to maintenance carpenter jobs, maintenance carpenter job description and qualifications.

The carpenter (MC) is required to perform carpentry work while maintaining and repairing buildings and facilities.

This information is provided as a source of general interest for all interested parties. It may be used by Human Resource personnel as a base to develop job requirements for positions required to be filled within your company. It may also be used by job seekers to provide an understanding of advertised job positions and allow them to write their resume in a manner that suits the advertised or non advertised position.

This information was gathered and collected from many job posted sources, newspapers (jobs Section) business magazines, company websites and the internet in general. It presents a cross section of the needs and requirements of many diverse industries especially the building facility management, operations and maintenance requirements.

A carpenter (builder) is a skilled craftsperson who works with lumber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture, and other objects. The work, known as carpentry, involves manual labor and work outdoors.

Most carpenters throughout the world are men but small inroads are being made by women.

Carpentry skill is gained through experience and study. In some countries (such as the United States), there are no formal training requirements other than in trade unions, and the trade can be easy to enter. In other countries (such as Germany, Japan and Canada) there are strict standards.

The word "carpenter" is the English rendering of the Old French word carpentier (become charpentier) which is derived from the Latin carpentrius [artifex], "(maker) of a carriage.

The Middle English and Scots word (in the sense of "builder") was wright (from the Old English wryhta), which could be used in compound forms such as wheelwright or boatwright In British slang, a carpenter is sometimes referred to as a "chippy".

Scope of Work Maintenance Carpenter:

Remodels and repairs cabinets, counters, shelves, tables and furniture as required.

Replaces and repairs door closures and locks.

Builds and repairs walls, partitions, doorways, window frames, stairs and roofs.

Installs window glass and screens.

Applies wall and floor covering materials.

Installs and repairs ceramic and other tiles.

Refinishes furniture and paints and stains building interiors and exteriors.

Provide supervision to less skilled carpenters.


Have completed a trades qualification program and have the required local license.

Two years minimum of carpentry experience in facilities maintenance.

Possession of a valid drivers license would be an asset.

Knowledge of tools and methods of the trade and applicable building codes.

Ability to read and interpret work from blueprints and able to prepare rough sketches of work to be done.

Ability to prepare estimates of labour and material for jobs.

Extra Assets:

Basic computer skills.

Have good “people skills”.

Facility Management

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