Heating System Commissioning, What is heating system commissioning

This heating system commissioning and what is heating system commissioning information is offered to help people who operate building HVAC mechanical systems. It will enable operators to perform heating system commissioning enabling them to troubleshoot and evaluate system problems.

Hot Water and Steam Boilers

  • Is the expansion tank 3/4 full of water?
  • Are the heating water circulating pumps on?
  • Are the makeup water isolating valves open?
  • Is the gas supply shut off valve open?
  • Is the control panel energized?
  • Is the pilot light firing?

Heating System Checks

  • Is the automatic feedwater chemical injection system
  • functioning?

  • Is the condensate receiver tank float switch level control
  • functioning?

  • Have any other trouble evaluation considerations been over
  • looked?

    Heat Exchangers

  • Are the primary and secondary side isolating valves for the
  • heat exchanger open?

  • Are the primary and secondary circulating pumps for the heat
  • exchanger on?

    Expansion Tank

  • Is the tank charged?

  • Has the air been bled from the manual vents?

  • If the tank overfills the reasons could be:

  • pressure regulating valve leaks.

  • pressure regulating bypass valve leaks.

  • there is an air leak on the expansion tank.
  • Is the makeup water system functional? Radiation Heating Water Temperature Control Loop
  • Is there power or control air to the reset controller?
  • Is the mixing valve sticking?
  • Are the mixing valve isolating valves open?
  • Ceiling Hung and Cabinet Unit Heaters.
  • Are then any trouble evaluation procedures that have been
  • over looked? Fan Coil and Ducted Force Flow Units
  • Is the panel circuit breaker on?
  • Is the local disconnect on?
  • Is the thermostat set to the desired set point?
  • Are the heating coil isolating valves open?
  • Are the cooling coil isolating valves open?
  • Are the fan drive belts at correct adjustment? Convector Radiation Heating Water System
  • Is the thermostat set to the desired set point?
  • Are the isolating valves for each convector section open?
  • Are the heating water pumps running?
  • Is the air bled off at the highest point of each piping run?
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