Heat Pump Maintenance, How to maintain a heat pump, What is heat pump maintenance

Heat pump maintenance speaks to how to maintain a heat pump and what is heat pump maintenance.

These suggested maintenance procedures are for an air source heat pump as well as water source heat pump.

  • Change filter quarterly.
  • Check air filter housing integrity. Correct as needed.
  • Check UV lamp if it exists for air source heat pumps.. Clean or replace as required.
  • Check control system and devices for proper operation. Repair, adjust or replace components to ensure operation.
  • Check for proper operation of evaporative and condenser coils.
  • Check fan belt tension. Check for belt wear and proper alignment. Replace as required.
  • Check P trap. Prime as needed.
  • Maintenance Procedures

  • Check fan blades. Clean, repair as needed.
  • Check integrity of all panels on equipment. Replace fasteners as needed to ensure integrity and finish of equipment.
  • Visually inspect areas of moisture accumulation for biological growth. If present, clean or disinfect as required.
  • Check drive alignment, wear, seating and operation. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Lubricate field serviceable bearings.
  • Check motor contactor for pitting or other signs of damage. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Check refrigerant system pressures or temperatures. If outside of recommended levels, find cause, repair and adjust refrigerant to achieve optimal operating levels.
  • Check for fouling, corrosion or degradation. Clean or reoair as needed.
  • Check for evidence of buildup or fouling on heat exchange surfaces. Clean as needed.
  • Check drain pan, drain line and coil for biological growth. Clean as needed.
  • Check coil fins. Restore if possible. Replace coil if necessary.
  • Inspect for evidence of moisture carryover beyond the drain pan from cooling coils. Make corrections or repairs as required.
  • Check condensate pump. Clean or replace.
  • Check refrigerant oil levels for refrigerant systems with oil pressure and level controls. Repair, replace and adjust as necessary.
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