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Health and Safety Coordinator speaks to health and safety coordinator jobs, health and safety coordinator job description and required qualifications.

It is the job of the Coordinator (HSC) to ensure that both facility personnel and outside contractors perform their work in a safe manner.

The HSC usually answers to a Senior H&S Coordinator who answers to Corporate Management and to the Facility Manager.


Thee HSC must ensure that all personnel have been trained in safety orientation and safe working procedures.

The HSC must perform job inspections for both in house and outside contractors and report on such.

The HSC must maintain awareness of all amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and ensure that they are implemented.

The HSC must perform job site safety compliance inspections including hazard analysis, safe work procedures, written reports and recommendations.

The HSC is responsible for monitoring adherence to company safety program by all employees and subcontractors.

The HSC must research, plan, organize and conduct training programs/seminars for supervisors and field employees, with regard to WHMIS, Fall protection, Orientation, Personal Protection Equipment, CPR/First Aid, construction-specific related issues, etc.

The HSC must ensure timely completion of accident/injury reporting to Corporate Office.

The HSC will perform additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.


Qualifications and Experience:

Knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations.

Working towards certification, or already certified, under the Occupational Health & Safety Act/Regulations is preferred. Good work ethic and a desire to learn on an ongoing basis is required.

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