General Fan Information

General fan information:

  • RPM
  • Revolutions per minute of the fan. If a speed change is anticipated, include RPM of the motor as well as size and bore of both drive and driven sheaves.

  • CFM
  • Cubic feet per minute.

  • RA
  • Running amperes.

  • NLA
  • No load amperes. Belt removed but not the sheaves.

  • VN
  • Voltage on the motor name plate.

  • VA
  • Actual voltage from field test.

  • FLN
  • Full load amperes listed on the motor name plate.

  • PTI
  • Total inlet pressure to the fan. Measure this as close to the inlet and as directly into the air system as possible.

  • PSI
  • Static inlet pressure. Use the static connection on the pitot tube.

  • PVI
  • Velocity inlet pressure. This is the total inlet pressure minus the static inlet pressure.

  • PTO
  • Total outlet pressure from the fan discharge.

  • PSO
  • Static outlet pressure from fan discharge.

  • PVO
  • Velocity outlet pressure. This is total oulet pressure minus static outlet pressure.

    Fan pressures are normally recorded in inches of water. 27.7" of water pressure equals 1 psi or pound per square inch.

    Motor Electrical

    General motor information:

  • A = amperes.

  • V = voltage.

  • PF = Power factor.

  • W = Watts.

  • KWH = Kilowatt hours.

  • EFF = Efficiency.

  • PH = Phase factor.

  • KW = 1000 watts.

  • KVA = Kilovolt amperes.

  • NP = Nameplate.

  • NL = No load.

  • R = Running.

    Air Balance

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