Gas Service, What is a gas service, How does a gas service work

Gas service speaks to what is a gas service and how does a gas service work for buildings.

This gas information service notes that this service is completely regulated by building code. It must be installed exactly as stipulated by government regulations. There are severe fines and the building will not be allowed to open if these regulations are not adhered to.

A service line will be provided at the building. A building main shutoff valve is located directly before the meter. In some areas it is required that the building shut off valve must be a seismic valve. This seismic valve will close when earthquake conditions occur.

Explain Gas Service

The service is provided for all gas fired equipment located in the building.

A shutoff valve, pressure regulating valve and pilot valve are provided at each unit. The gas may be supplied from local utilities or propane tanks at low, medium or high pressure.

Pressure regulating valves are installed on the appliances to reduce the pressure to the usual burner operating pressure of 3" water gauge.

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