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Airfoil bottom

  • Curved or angular horizontal member running the full width of the fumehood between the work surface and bottom of the sash when closed, and providing a permanent slot approximately 1" high to permit a sweeping action of air across the entire width of the work surface while minimizing entry turbulence. Airfoils side
  • Curved or angular vertical members at each side of the fumehood entrance designed to minimize eddies and promote smooth entry of air into the hood. Baffles
  • Adjustable panels located across the fumehood at the rear of the work space between the work surface and point of connection to the fumehood exhaust system, and forming the front face of the rear plenum. Designed to enable control of airflow distribution and capture within the hood.
  • Fumehood Terms


  • An arrangement to allow air to enter the fumehood other than through the sash opening, designed to ensure a relatively constant exhaust airflow rate regardless of the position of the sash and limit the maximum face velocity.


  • Dusts, fumes, gases, vapours, aerosols, particulate matter, etc. They may be harmless, noxious, poisonous, toxic, allergenic, odourless, odourous, corrosive, flammable, explosive, radioactive.

    Face velocity

  • Speed of air entering the fumehood through the sash opening, and measured in the plane of the sash.

    Plane of the Sash

  • The imaginary vertical plane from the midpoint of teh sash frame depth from the bottom of the sash to the point of contact on the airfoil sill.

    Sash Transparent operable screen between the fumehood user and the interior of the fumehood, adjustable either vertically or horizontally, or both, and capable of providing protection for the fumehood user.

    Sash Opening

  • The aperature in the front of the fumehood through which all work and manipulations are done.

    Fully Open

  • The maximum height to which the sash can be opened above the bottom airfoil. It is limited only by the design of the fumehood.

    Normal Operating Position

  • The operating position of the sash above the bottom airfoil at which normal operations and manipulations within the fumehood are performed. It is a single, specific height, typically in the range of 12" to 18", depending on the laboratory program requirements, and must be clearly labeled on the fumehood. It is known as sash design position.

    Service Fitting

  • Laboratory fitting mounted in, on, or fastened to, laboratory fumehood to control supply of the service to the fumehood.


  • Horizontal opening in or between each baffle panel and designed to regulate airflow distribution, and to maintain the desired face velocity distribution across the entire sash opening.

    Superstructure That portion of the laboratory fumehood supported by the work surface, the base furniture or the laboratory floor.

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