Fan Coil Air System

The fan coil air system information states that the equipment supplies a constant volume of air at a varied temperature to the area served. The air may be full return air or a combination of return and outside air. If a combination of air, the unit will have a mixing box control.

If operating on return air only, the unit will have a chilled water cooling coil or evaporator coil with self contained direct expansion cooling.

The blower fan can run continuously or be cycled on and off on a demand for heating or cooling.

Heating can be provided by a hot water heating coil or gas fired section.

A wall mounted thermostat controls the blower heating and cooling section on and off to maintain the serviced area at the set point of the thermostat.

Explain Fan Coil Type

They will be comprised of:

  • mixed air section.
  • supply fan.
  • heating coil.
  • gas fired heating section.
  • cooling coil.
  • direct expansion cooling coil.
  • filters.
  • automatic controls.

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