Explain Duct Static Pressure, What is air systems duct static pressure 

Explain duct static pressure speaks to what is air systems duct static pressure in building air systems.

  • Duct static pressure is measured in buildings using various static pressure instrumentation. Static Pressure Measurement To measure static pressure an electronic digital differential static pressure meter is used. There are also anolog magnehelic gauges available. Many people still use the analog magnehelic gauge as it is a much easier instrument to keep calibrated.
  • There are three pressures available:

    Static pressure:

    It is the standing pressure. Simply drill a hole and insert a pressure probe at a right angle to the air flow.

    Velocity pressure:

    It is the pressure caused by air velocity. To measure this one must use a pitot tube. Static pressure is subtracted from the total pressure to measure the velocity pressure. The mechanics of the pitot tube does this subtraction.

    Total pressure:

    Total pressure is the total of the static and velocity pressure. This can be measured by using a pitot tube.

    Air Pressure Measurement

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