Domestic Water, What is domestic water, How does domestic water work

Domestic water speaks to what is domestic water and how does domestic water work in buildings.

DW Controls

The DW controls will consist of a domestic cold water main which is provided to the building. The recommended domestic water pressure as delivered by the city is between 60 and 70 psi.

The main is connected to a water station consisting of water meter and shut off valves. The main building shut off valve is located directly in front of the water meter.

A bypass valve may be provided with a sealed valve only to be used with the water authorities permission.

The domestic cold water service is provided for the purpose of:

  • cold water supply to sinks, lavatories, water closet bath and showers
  • boiler makeup water.
  • domestic water makeup.
  • condenser water makeup.
  • fire protection system.
Booster Pumps

Booster pumps boost the city water to that necessary to provide adequate water flow in all parts of the building. One pound per square inch (psi) of pump discharge pressure will raise water 2.31 feet in height.

As the height of the building is known and it is known how much pressure is required on the top floor, it is simple for design people to design for the correct size pumps.

Domestic Water Components

Pressure Reducing Station

When the domestic water booster pumps raise the system pressure to a level to satisfy the system at the highest point, the pressure may be too high for the lower points.

The pressure reducing stations using a pressure regulating valve with isolation valves, allow for automatic reduction of pressure for each floor.

Non freeze Hose Bibbs

The frost free, nonfreeze hose bibbs may be provided as exterior water tap connections at various recessed hose bibb locations outside the building. These water valves are designed to shut off the flow of water inside the building, before the line passes through the outer wall, preventing winter freeze up of the water line.

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