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Building Water Energy Reduction, What is building water energy reduction

Building water energy reduction speaks to what is building water energy reduction within buildings. These are considerations to achieve facilities energy conservation, without decreasing the level of comfort in the building.

Heating Water Side

  • Add a variable speed drive for pumps for hot water systems with two way valves.
  • Constant flow water conversion to variable flow pumping operations.
  • Installation of circuit balance valves and water balancing to individual terminal units.
  • Domestic Hot Water

  • Is the operating temperature too hot? Can it be reduced. It should not be more than 120 F.
  • Can the recirculating pump be turned off during unoccupied hours? Domestic Water
  • Is it practical to consider installing low flow devices on toilets and showers.
  • Is it practical to consider dual choice flush toilets as is done in Europe?
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