What is Building Systems Commissioning, How to commission building systems

What is building systems commissioning and speaks to how to commission building systems.

Commissioning is understood to be a systematic process for achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of the building mechanical and electrical systems. The various systems are to be proven that design intent as well as the functional and operational needs of the owners and occupants are met.

Commissioning requirements are:

Work in conjunction with consultants, project managers, facility managers and operational staff.

Review specifications and drawings provided by consultants pretender.

Develop commissioning requirements to match for projects and monitor consultants to ensure compliance.

Verify that site installations are in compliance with specifications and drawings.

Coordinate the start up of equipment and systems.

Explain Commissioning Duties

Review operation and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.

Coordinate training for operational staff.

Ensure regulatory and environmental compliance.

Ensure full documentation records are kept for each project.

Attend and record turnover meeting.

Systems and Processes Included


  • Heating water
  • Chilled water
  • Glycol piping
  • Chemical treatment
  • Domestic water
  • Domestic hot water
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage sewer and sanitary
  • Steam and condensate
  • Natural gas
  • Air handling units
  • Building automation
  • Acoustic (sound)
  • Indoor air quality
  • Fire protection Electrical
  • Utility metering
  • Tenant billing metering
  • Life safety (emergency) power
  • Emergency generators
  • UPS
  • Lighting controls Start up tests and verification
  • Wet system pressure tests
  • Flushing and cleaning
  • Drain waste and vent piping
  • Ductwork pressure tests
  • Air flow measuring stations
  • Circuit balance valves
  • Air balancing
  • Laboratory pressure, temperature, humidity, fume hood and exhaust device tests
  • Fire protection systems
  • Natural gas tests
  • Water balancing Performance tests
  • Start up of equipment and systems
  • Completion of air and water testing adjusting and balancing
  • Calibration, sequencing and testing of automatic controls Training of operators
  • Review of systems operation and data manual
  • Review how to use manuals
  • Equipment sequence of operation
  • Operating modes
  • Performance evaluation
  • Seasonal variations
  • Emergency procedures Commissioning manual
  • Original commissioning plan
  • Contractor reports on startup, performance, testing and fine tuning.
  • Testing and verification records
  • Equipment start up logs
  • Proof of owner’s training
  • Acceptance documents for each system
  • Commissioning meeting minutes.
  • Commissioning Of HVAC Systems
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